Love Covers a Multitude of Sin
Love Covers A Multitude of Sins.
Me: Why did you stay?
Joaquin: Something wouldn’t let me leave.
Six years ago, the above exchange was a brief part of a long conversation I had with my husband. It was his words that have stuck with me to this very day.
Marriage is a choice, no matter what you go through or the choices you/your spouse may make, to stick and stay.
Six years ago, I made some choices that gave my husband a valid and biblical reason to divorce me. As much as he was leaning toward taking our son and going on with his life without the pain and confusion I bought into our marriage, he stayed, because of a small still voice that told him to “Be Still”. 
Today I know that Holy Spirit played a major part in a situation that could have ended very badly; But God was working for my good when the enemy wanted me to believe everything was bad. 
Because my husband trusted God, even when the odds were totally against us, we are walking in our purpose as a husband and a wife. His love for me covered my sins that had broken our marriage into pieces. 
Our story may not be your story, but as we continue to walk in God’s purpose for our lives, we hope that our story will encourage you to never give up, allow God to speak to your heart and listen to Him as He guides you through the brokenness, the darkness, the dry places and the doubt. “God is not a man that He shall lie”, “His word will not return void”. He will end your brokenness and have you walking in purpose! 
Be encouraged and although you may not be able to see what God is doing in your marriage or relationship, remember, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”. There’s beauty in your brokenness, our marriage is proof of that!
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